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Here’s a quick rundown of the basic components that you’ll find in pretty much every bearing:

The Outer Race or outer ring determines the outside diameter and width of the bearing.
An Inner Race or inner ring that fits inside the outer ring and is much smaller in size. This gives us the bore size of the bearing.
Rolling Elements like Balls or Rollers in between the two rings are the key components that allow the bearing to spin freely.
A Cage in between the two rings keeps the balls and rollers in place and prevents them from falling out.
A Dust shield or Seal keeps dust and other contaminants out, which can grind down and wear out the interior components of the bearing much faster.
Lubricants such as grease and oil minimize the friction between the bearing’s internal components. Lubricants create a thin film around the surface of the bearing internals that prevents, or at least reduces, metal to metal contact thus reducing friction, heat and wear. Lubricants also help keep contaminants and moisture out, and prevent corrosion of the bearing components.
Identifying Bearing Part Numbers
Bearings from different manufacturers use a common part numbering scheme so you can easily find the correct replacement parts using just the part numbers. Bearing part numbers also tell you exactly what type of bearing you have, its size and many other specifications.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
30 mm x 47 mm x 22 mm LS GE30ES plain bearings Single 6005 ZZ (Double Shield) Yes (with retaining
30 mm x 47 mm x 22 mm ISO GE30DO plain bearings 20 mm HM3048 17.5 mm 4 mm
30 mm x 47 mm x 22 mm FBJ JAB-2010 angular contact ball bearings 31400 lb 3800 rpm 2200 rpm 22211
30 mm x 47 mm x 22 mm IKO GE 30ES plain bearings Open Type 9 Angular Contact Ball Single Row
30 mm x 47 mm x 22 mm SKF GE30TXG3E-2LS plain bearings Open Type 9 Angular Contact Ball Single Row
INA GE30-UK-2RS plain bearings 19.600 mm 15 º 2.381250 mm 6.000 mm
30 mm x 47 mm x 22 mm ZEN GE30ES plain bearings Single 6005 ZZ (Double Shield) Yes (with retaining
30 mm x 47 mm x 22 mm ISO GE 030 ECR-2RS plain bearings 120 mm 135 mm 45 mm NTN
30 mm x 47 mm x 22 mm SKF GE30ES-2RS plain bearings 120 mm 135 mm 45 mm NTN
INA GE30-DO-2RS plain bearings 43.75 1500 Tapered Roller Single Row
30 mm x 47 mm x 22 mm IKO GE 30EC plain bearings 19.600 mm 15 º 2.381250 mm 6.000 mm
30 mm x 47 mm x 22 mm SIGMA GE 30 ES plain bearings 1.36 1.54 3.6875 in 2.29

30x47x22 Bearing : A Complete Guide to Buying

How many types of bearings are there?

  • 1、Bearings support a shaft or housing to permit their free motion about an axis of rotation. ... The chief benefit of the type A bearing is that it provides greater thrust capacity ... This makes it the bearing of choice for many applications since a single 
  • 2、There are three main parts in a ball bearing: two grooved, ringlike races, ... The races are of the same width but different diameters; the smaller one, fitting inside 
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  • 8、There are many types of bearings, each used for different purposes. These include ball bearings, roller bearings, ball thrust bearings, roller thrust bearings and 
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What is ball bearing class 8?

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  • 2、8. B Recommendations. Bearing arrangement design....... 10. Single bearings. ... class. On request, bearings can be supplied to the higher precision PA9A 
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  • 5、Jun 19, 2015 — Answer. A mechanical component used between two parts to reduce friction between them it is made up of small metallic balls or metallic needles 
  • 6、Jobs graded by this standard below the grade 8 are to be titled Bearing Worker. ... sets of rollers and balls) and visually examining clean bearings for particular
  • 7、Class, Tolerance and Chamfer Dimensions of Bearings Product/technological information Bearing ... Tolerances of inner ring and outer ring width of radial ball bearings ... 18, 30, 0, -10, -8, -6, -5, 0, -5, 13, 10, 8, 10, 8, 6, 6, 5, 5, 4, 8, 6, 3, 2.5
  • 8、Hartford conforms to precision ball standards (including ABMA Standard 10, ISO 3290 & DIN 5401) ... 200, 0.0002, 0.0051, 0.0004, 0.0102, ±0.0010, ±0.0254, 8
  • 9、Class 2. Class 2. Class 4. Normal. Fig. 2.6 Permissible Misalignment of Ball Bearing Units θ θ. 2 ... When the bearing load P exceeds 8 % of the basic load rating
  • 10、This explains why most forms of ground transportation use wheels, including bicycles, cars, 4-wheelers, roller skates, scooters, and skateboards. Ball bearings 

Which bearing is the best?

  • 1、Which grease is best suited for most general bearings? The current NTN standard grease for unknown aftermarket applications is L627 (Mobil Polyrex EM). In most 
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  • 10、Eight ball bearings have smaller balls that better withstand side loads, which makes them great for high speed or aggressive turning (think park skating). Derby is a 

Where are bearings used?

  • 1、The characteristics and uses of each type will be covered in Chapter Five. Roller bearing. One variation of roller bearings – the tapered roller – is used ...73 pages
  • 2、Mar 8, 2017 — Unlike ball bearings, tapered roller bearings can handle both large thrust and radial loads. These bearings are used in automobile transmissions ...
  • 3、Apr 23, 2019 — Roller bearings are a little more widely used. These types of bearings feature dual rings with rolling elements that run inside their tracks.
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  • 6、Used in aircraft components, such as wing flaps, engine and wing mounts and hatches, rod-end and spherical bearings function as joints.
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  • 9、The design and uses of electric motors vary across many different industries , so there are many different bearings used to support electric motor repairs.
  • 10、Listed below are some of the most commonly used bearings, each type utilised for their own application [2]. Type of bearing. Application. Example. Ball bearings.Carbon: 0.95 - 1.1%Silicon: 0.15 - 0.35%Chromium: 1.3 - 1.6%Sulphur: 0.25% max

What are metal bearings?

  • 1、Oct 20, 2017 — Ceramic ball bearings truly are superior to steel balls in every aspect, but if you're someone who likes specifics ...
  • 2、A ball bearing is a type of rolling-element bearing that serves three main functions while it facilitates motion: it carries loads, reduces friction and ...
  • 3、Jan 4, 2011 — The term metal antifriction (also Babbitt metal or white metal) is used to describe the material used in bearings where the load is ...
  • 4、Our metals manufacturing bearings optimize productivity from installation to maintenance in the steel manufacturing process.
  • 5、If you have ever rolled a couple of those little metal balls found in a ball bearing around in your hand, you have noticed how perfectly round and ...
  • 6、This ball bearing helps keep two bearing races apart. It reduces rotational friction and should be lubricated to prolong life.
  • 7、Their chemical composition classified by steel type is given in "Table 13-1 Chemical composition of high carbon chromium bearing steel". Among these steel types ...
  • 8、Bearings for iron and steel works operate under a variety of harsh conditions, including high temperatures, high speed or super low speed operation, ...
  • 9、Tebru Metal Shielded Ball Bearing,10 Pcs Metal Shielded Durable Multi-Use Carbon Steel Miniature 626ZZ Ball Bearings (6x19x6mm).
  • 10、When steel bearing backs are employed, load-capacity ratings for both copper and aluminum alloys are sharply increased above those of the corresponding single ...

What is the difference between ball bearing and roller bearing?

  • 1、Vacuum ball bearings, ceramic bearings, self-lubricating ... Rolling elements are arranged between inner ... Table 3-2 Performance comparison of bearing type
  • 2、The rolling friction in the bearing is fairly low since the rolling elements roll along ... The difference between these two bearing types is the contact angle. ... such as the stiffness of a machine housing in the area around the ball bearing location
  • 3、Rolling bearings (bearings hereinafter) normally comprise bearing rings, rolling ele- ments and a cage (see Fig. 1-1). Rolling elements are arranged between
  • 4、Ball bearing vs roller bearing difference Ball bearing Needle bearing Roller bearing type of ball bearing
  • 5、As such, ball bearings handle smaller weight loads, and roller bearings handle the heavier duty loads. A ball bearing handles a thrust and radial load so that 
  • 6、There are two main types of bearings that are used in axial fans: ball and sleeve bearings. When choosing between a ball bearing and a sleeve bearing fan, the 
  • 7、Oct 12, 2015 — These bearings are primarily based around a cylinder, meaning this bearing is able to distribute Roller Bearings Unlike ball bearings, roller 
  • 8、rolling elements, they are classified into ball bearings ... differences in their design or specific purpose. ... difference between the starting torque and running
  • 9、variety of bearings that use spherical balls or some other type of roller between the stationary and the moving elements. • The most common type of bearing 
  • 10、Deep Groove Ball Bearings ... ROLLING BEARINGS A 007. Width. Snap Ring. Cage. Rivet. Ball. Inner Ring ... No distinction between fixed-end and free-end

What do the letters mean after a bearing number?

  • 1、What does V1 mean at the end of the deep groove ball bearing nomenclature? For NTN "V1" stands for the first special variation on this basic part number. This 
  • 2、A prefix is a letter or series of letters attached to the beginning of a word, word base, or suffix to produce a derivative word with a new meaning. What does lign- mean? ... for identifying modifications of the bearing design and certain design features. ... Rather than modify lips or mouth, a number of the following words could 
  • 3、Mar 11, 2020 — What Is a Time Deposit? A time deposit is an interest-bearing bank account that has a pre-set date of maturity. A certificate of deposit (CD) is the 
  • 4、bearing number indicates that it is of a precision series. RBC supplies ... The airframe control bearings listed on the following pages are ... concave roller bearings should be used in applications ... will be close to the mean expected fits, and less than 2% ... The code letters NBF denote an airframe track roller bearing with
  • 5、More number of " " means much easier than less number. ... choice of bearings should be from types such as thrust ball ... is defined as a bearing load of constant direction and size that ends the bearing life after a ... By definition, bearing load Pr (net radial load) or Pa (net axial load) is a load with constant direction and size
  • 6、Bearing definition is - the manner in which one behaves or comports oneself ... in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors
  • 7、May 12, 2017 — After a bearing number, you may see additional letters. These letters are: S, Z, SS, and ZZ . What these indicate is the time of shielding is on the 
  • 8、Prefix, Suffix, Definition . . ROLLER BRG . . . -JFT, REED TORQUE TEST, AVERAGE TORQUE VALUE OF 1000 MG/MM . 02, REED BEARING W/O.D. CODED 
  • 9、Sep 10, 2015 — Runway numbers are determined by rounding the compass bearing of ... meaning runways are numbered from 1 to 36—as per the diagram 
  • 10、After a Product is removed from its packaging, it should be placed into ... Inch-size bearings are identified by the letter I in the part number. RIU, for example ... Deviation of Mean Outside Diameter in a Single Plane mm, in. ds. Interference Fit of 

What is bearing and types of bearing?

  • 1、Ball Bearings · Roller Bearings · Mounted Bearings · Linear Bearings · Slide Bearings · Jewel Bearings · Frictionless Bearings.
  • 2、A load exerted parallel to the shaft that a bearing is mounted on, also known as a thrust load. ^Back to top. Ball Bearing A type of rolling-element bearing ...
  • 3、Different Types of Bearings · Plain bearing: · Rolling element bearing · Magnetic bearing · Fluid bearing · Jewel bearing · Flexure bearing.
  • 4、Held and Floating Type Bearings. Craft Split Roller Bearings, in all shaft sizes and series, are manufactured in two types. The types are expansion, ...
  • 5、Ball bearing cages (AKA ball bearing retainers or ball separators) are components in ball bearings that separate the balls, maintain the symmetrical radial ...
  • 6、Feb 2, 2021 — Needle bearings are a type of roller bearing with very thin cylindrical elements and can withstand high loads. Applications include automotive ...
  • 7、Types of Bearings with Brief Description · 1. Self aligning Ball Bearing (Type Code 1) · 2. Spherical Roller Bearing (Type Code 2) · 3. Double row Angular contact ...
  • 8、Thrust Bearing · 1. Single Row Ball Bearing · 2. Double Row Ball Bearing · 3. Deep Groove Ball Bearing · 4. Angular Contact Bearing · 5. Self Aligning Ball Bearing.
  • 9、However, roller bearings transmit loads using cylinder rolling elements, rather than balls, to maintain the separation between moving parts of the bearing.
  • 10、Type X—4-point contact bearing — Kaydon bearing load scenarios. Types of Reali-Slim® bearings. Kaydon Reali-Slim® bearings are available in three ...

What is angular contact ball bearing?

  • 1、Double row angular contact ball bearings Industry Solutions. On-line catalog of Radial ball bearings on the site of manufacturer NTN-SNR
  • 2、Oct 6, 2014 — Angular contact ball bearings are a type of rolling-element bearing. As the name implies, rolling-element bearings use a roller or ball to carry a 
  • 3、Oct 10, 2014 — Mounting and dismounting SKF Angular Contact Ball Bearings.Visit http://www.skf.com or http://www.mapro.skf.com for more information
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  • 5、ISB angular contact ball bearings can accommodate both radial and axial loads. Their load bearing capacity for combined loads increases proportionally as the 
  • 6、The raceways of both the inner and outer rings of this bearing type are made with a set contact angle. · Single-row Angular Contact ball bearings can sustain radial, 
  • 7、These bearings have a contact angle that enables them to withstand significant axial loads in one direction together with radial loads. They are generally used in 
  • 8、Single row angular contact ball bearings are particularly suitable where: bearing arrangements must support combined loads; moderate to high axial loads are 
  • 9、Angular contact ball bearings are available in single row and double row configurations. Able to accommodate both radial and thrust loads; Suitable for high 
  • 10、Nov 27, 2015 - pair of angular contact ball bearings . See more ideas about angular, roller, machine tools

What is deep groove ball bearing?

  • 1、Oct 3, 2018 — In the actual working process, the balls of the deep groove ball bearing inevitably have random size errors due to the machining problems. This 
  • 2、With its wide dimensional scope, the deep groove ball bearing is the most commonly used rolling bearing and is capable of simultaneously receiving a radial 
  • 3、Deep groove ball bearings are the most commonly used type of bearing due to their ability to take radial as well as limited and axial. Deep groove ball bearings 
  • 4、Ball bearings may be shallow groove or deep groove. The 'groove' is the depth of the raceway into which the balls fit. Deep groove single row ball bearings are 
  • 5、Deep-Groove Ball Bearings. J. Lieblein and M. Zelen. Fatigue is an important factor in determining the service life of ball bearings. Bearing manufacturers are 
  • 6、Deep groove ball bearing of all sizes and brands (SKF, Timken, NTN, ENDURO, …) Large selection IN STOCK. Same Day Shipping. The specialist at your 
  • 7、Jump to Deep-groove — Deep-groove bearings support higher loads than a shallower groove. Like angular contact bearings, deep-groove bearings 
  • 8、Effective for Radial and Axial Forces. Our high precision miniature radial deep groove ball bearings are very efficient and designed to take in radial as well as, to a 
  • 9、Radial Ball Bearings. Grooved raceways on inner and outer rings sustain moderate axial loads in both directions in addition to radial loads. Balls separated by 
  • 10、MMB Bearings offers deep groove ball bearings in both inch and metric series. Bearing Product Search available. Order Today!

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